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Jon, Sarah and Levi ∼ Family photography in Middlecreek, PA

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Jon has been a co-worker of mine for quite some time now and I know him and his family well.   This is the second session that I have had with them.  I was also blessed to photograph Levi soon after he was born and that was a real treat.  I love seeing this little guy.  He is so full of energy and his innocent smiles always make me laugh.  I remember at the last session he just kept reaching for the lens on my camera, he was mystified by it.  It was neat to see such a high level of interest and wonder from this less than 1 year old little boy.  Jon and Sarah are a wonderful couple, not to mention fantastic parents for little Levi and it is not hard to see this at all.  Levi is their life and they would do anything for him.  There is so much love in this family, it is such a wonderful thing to see.  I am so glad that I got the opportunity to photograph their family twice and I hope that I will get many more opportunities to watch them grow as a couple and as a family throughout the coming years.

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Family Time in the Park. 

How cool is that hat? Seriously, I want one! 

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