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Ashlee & Samuel ∼ Maternity Photography

Ashlee had contacted me a while back, busyness took over and we didn't really connect until about a month or two later.  Boy it really is a small world.  Before our session started we found out the Ashlee and Samuel go to the same church as my wife and I, and Ashlee even works there.  Kristina and I had such a great time with them and ended up hanging out after our session for a quite a while and Samuel even made us these wonderfully delicious blueberry fruit smoothies.

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Adam and Rachel ∼ Family Photography Session at Middlecreek

This session seemed more like it was a family day at the park then everything else.  Adam and Rachel were terrific with their two little kids, Ryder and Brooke.  Brooke was outgoing and loved to play, especially with her mom (see pictures below).  Ryder, first of all had the cutest baby boy outfit with his faux green tie, and he had one of the best smiles that I have ever seen.

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Jon, Sarah and Levi ∼ Family photography in Middlecreek, PA

Jon has been a co-worker of mine for quite some time now and I know him and his family well.   This is the second session that I have had with them.  I was also blessed to photograph Levi soon after he was born and that was a real treat.  I love seeing this little guy.  He is so full of energy and his innocent smiles always make me laugh.

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