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Moments Captured Monday ∼ All about Family

I know this blog post is a little bit late, but it has been so busy around here lately.  Especially catching up after getting back from vacation, and a much-needed vacation at that.  This post is about Family, vacation, football and puppies all rolled into one.  It has been since Christmas that I had seen my sister and brother in law and a visit to Maine was way too overdue.

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Love the everyday Moments: Mondays Moment

I'm sure that you will think i'm lagging behind the rest of this world when I tell you that I got excited about Instagram and jumped on board this weekend.  When I glanced over the pictures I had, I was taken aback at all the little moments that I had experienced just this weekend.  One of the reasons I am enamored with my Iphone is that it encourages me to record these everyday moments that previously I would not have been able to capture so quickly and effortlessly.

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The Zimmerman Crew

I had been working with Crystal for such a long time to try to organize a date for me to photograph her family.  You know how it goes. Stuff just kept getting in the way, but we wanted to get the session in during the fall season while the leaves were still full of color.  Eventually everything worked out and I'm so thankful that it did.  What a fun group of people to be around. Crystal and Tim were great and certainly helped me keep everyone organized, while their four wonderful kids kept me smiling throughout our session.

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Our First Christmas Tree: Part II

Okay it took a little longer than I thought, but here is the 2nd blog post on Our First Christmas Tree.  Decorating the Christmas tree, which this blog post is about, is by far the best part about having a Christmas tree.  Kristina and I are big fans of red and green, classic Christmas colors, so we decided to go with red and white ornaments for our tree and were quite happy with how they looked.  What do you think?  We also decided to go with warm lights, but they weren't all that warm so we have since returned them and now have warmer lights :)

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