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Their wedding started off beautifully even though it was still really cold on that Saturday morning.  This past weekend my wife and I had the pleasure of photographing Sharon and Alex's special day.  Sharon wanted to start at sunrise, which was bright and early.  I'm sure glad that she did because the weather on April 6th was perfect for wedding photography or any other photography session for that matter.  The picture you see below is Alex waiting to get his first look at his soon to be wife Sharon.  I love the whole idea of the "First Look" on wedding days.  The look on the grooms face says it all.  Clearly you can see here that Alex is eagerly anticipating seeing his beautiful wife to be in her lovely white wedding dress.  

It made me think about my own wedding this past June.  My wife and I chose not to see each other up until she walks down the aisle at the ceremony.  We sometimes regret not having more Wedding photography of our our special day, yet both of us agreed that we would not want to change anything if we would do it all over again.  Either way the feelings of nervous excitement, relief, and overwhelming joy take place.  Yet, it was truly a refreshing and unforgettable sight seeing the look on Alex's face and the way that Sharon was speed "walking" her way up to her soon to be husband, adorable!  It wasn't difficult to see that she couldn't wait to be in the arms of her beloved.  One thing I never grow tired of seeing is couples who are truly and deeply in love with one another.  That is Sharon and Alex.  This "First look" at "First light" was the beginning of a great day of wedding photography for a real genuine and kind hearted couple.  Thanks Sharon and Alex for allowing Kristina and I to share in your special day and even more than that thanks for showing us and everyone else a picture of sincere devotion and true love for your other half.  We wish you all the best in the future! 

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