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This 2013 winter season has been like one of those friends that we all have that uses way too many words and is just impossible to get away from.  The blustery cold, snow, frost and all things winter has gone on long enough that it has now become quite annoying.  This past weekend we got to see a glimpse of what this Spring and Summer have to offer.  If that weather is any indication of what is to come we are definitely going to be seeing some gorgeous days full of sunshine.  

Finally we were able to get outside and enjoy some exercise and recreational activities.  This amazing weather made for great family time including some quality time hunting easter eggs, skateboarding, playing baseball, enjoying some delicious food and candy, or at least capturing them with my camera :) I don't know if you have been feeling the same that I have, but this sunny, warm weekend was just what I needed.  After a while the long, cold, damp days of winter really start to wear on me, but the transition to Spring, the season of rebirth and new life, is right around the corner.  What is your favorite thing to do when the sun is shining? I can tell you one thing, I really prefer Springtime photos to winter ones, so my camera will be very tired when Spring finally gets here.

Vienna enjoying some Easter Candy

Carissa Spotted an egg

Carissa hurrying to find those Easter Eggs

Brian carefully scanning for Eggs

Still hunting

Brian jumping for an Easter Egg

Nearing the end of this years Easter egg hunt

Enjoying this year's finds :) 

Easter Candy!

Amazing Salad Bar

More Food :) 

Delicious Salad Toppings

Mike Skateboarding

My wife teaching Carissa how to ride the scooter

Pippy the Puppy

Pippy steals the ball

Me with my beautiful wife!

Heather lounging on trampoline

Play ball!

Playing till its dark

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