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Moments Captured Monday ∼ Dog Day Afternoon

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Lifestyle Photography ∼ Newmanstown, PA

Photography is a means of recording forever the things that
one sees for only just a moment.

This past weekend my older brother and sister in law came up to visit from Maryland.  The one thing that everyone in the family knows when John and Cat come to visit their two children (dogs) will always be accompanying them.  It was great seeing them all this weekend.  It has been since Christmas that we saw each other, which is just far too long in my book.  Their two doggies Diesel ( always has a ball in his mouth )  and Tica are so much fun to play with.  My parent's dog, Hooper, always loves when they come to visit too, so it works out great for everyone.  It was just such a beautiful weekend here in the Lancaster, PA area, perfect for playing a little fetch and sniffing around/exploring the backyard (the dogs not me of course)   :)   It also made great weather for photography.  I couldn't help grabbing some shots of the pooches while they were around.  It really was a dog day afternoon for me! 

Diesel ready for the next round
Newmanstown, PA

Tica basking in the daytime sun
Newmanstown, PA

Diesel in the middle of fetching
Newmanstown, PA

Diesel bringing the ball back
Newmanstown, PA

Diesel's Favorite "Ball with chucker"
Newmanstown, PA

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