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My family photography session with Bobbi Jo, Nilson and their two adorable children Brianna and Nicholas was full of love, laughter, fun trips down a not too slick playground slide and wagon rides for the little ones.

Not a care in the world. To them it wasn't an abandoned playground, it was a place to play with mom and dad, a whole new adventure! Who knew? The highlights of our family photography session at the Schaefferstown elementary school playground were trips down and up the playground slide, lots of spinning on the various tire swings and a thrilling trip to the top of the pyramaid for a fun family portrait. After our time at the playground we took a short trip to the historic schafferstown farm for wagon rides, strolls through the farm, and fun playing with toys.  It was such a blessing to see a family that had such love for each other. So many hugs and kisses. Just amazing to see their openness with each other, not to mention their care free, fun-loving attitudes. 

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