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Ashlee & Samuel ∼ Maternity Photography

Ashlee had contacted me a while back, busyness took over and we didn't really connect until about a month or two later.  Boy it really is a small world.  Before our session started we found out the Ashlee and Samuel go to the same church as my wife and I, and Ashlee even works there.  Kristina and I had such a great time with them and ended up hanging out after our session for a quite a while and Samuel even made us these wonderfully delicious blueberry fruit smoothies.

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The Longeneckers ∼ Maternity Photography in Lancaster, PA

When I starting dating my now wife it was 2008.  It is hard for me to believe it was that long ago that we met.  Yet I still only came into the picture after my wife's adorable little cousin Carissa (pictured below) was born.  I met her when she was around 1  and a half or 2 years old, in my opinion, a really fun age.  This time however, I am blessed to be around for the birth of the Longenecker's (Twila, Jeremy and Carissa) 2nd child, and he is due in early June. 

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