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Carson ~ Newborn Photo Session

We were super excited to meet Brad, Emily and adorable little Carson. Of course we had to wait a little bit longer than originally expected, but Carson finally arrived. I have to say that Emily and Brad were so patient throughout our newborn photo shoot. In addition, Carson gave us plenty to smile about also. Whether it was his wide-eyed, awake stares back into the camera or his sleepy baby body quietly snoozing in our apple box.  So adorable! I must say there were a lot of Ohhs and Awwws during this session from Kristina and myself. I have to say I always enjoy when clients like to incorporate their life and what is important to them into their photo sessions. Brad happens to work for the New York City Fire Department and it was important to both him and Emily that we incorporate this into the session. We really had a fun time doing that too! 

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