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Moments Captured Monday ∼ The Little Things

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This past weekend we took Carissa to the Schaefferstown carnival.  There were kids all over the place.  They were smiling, laughing, running and playing.  The carefree attitude and innocence that all children have always astounds me.  Few things warm my heart the way that children do.  Something as simple as a trip down the slide, a ride on the train, or a round on the ferris wheel means the world to them.  It was so fun watching Carissa as she ran from one ride to the next and as soon as my wife and I even mentioned the words "ice cream" she went crazy and had a smile on her face that went from ear to ear.  Its the little things like these that made me want to be a photographer in the first place.  Being able to take little moments like, riding the ferris wheel all by herself (with her hands up too), trying to win a prize, playing with her noisy trumpet or making a funny face, and freezing them is something that makes behind the camera truly exciting. 

Girl riding the ferris wheeljpg
Girl riding ferris wheel.jpg

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