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The Dubble's ~ Family Photography

Talk about a group that likes to have fun! The Dubble family photo session at Conrad Weiser Homestead was one full of smiles and laughter. Honestly, I don't think I have ever photographed a more fun loving group of people. Molly is a family friend, we had known each other for years. Molly and her husband go together like peanut butter and jelly.

I know a little bit of what they have been through over the years and to see their attitudes and love for each other is real testimony. Its something that deserves a second look. It really was heart warming to see the bliss on their faces and the comfort and peace they most certainly had in each other. I treasure marriage, and always enjoy seeing a couple, like Molly and Jon, who view their marriage in the same way. 

I absolutely love this picture. Typically I have to coax smiles or laughter out of people, but I don't think I once had to do that during this session. The smiling faces and bouts of laughter happened often. 

Like in this picture here. Honestly, would you do that? I'm not sure I would, because I would probably end up in the water. yikes! They went for it though. I'm sure if someone would've ended up in the water nothing would have changed, except they'd be a bit wet for the remainder of the session. That didn't happen worries. 

Sweet picture of Molly and Jon, one of my favorites from the session ♡

Its always great when you can poke fun at yourself. I would know, because I am pretty sure that I have this exact same picture of myself before my High School Senior Prom. This however, was his idea. 

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