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Vienna ~ Senior Portraits

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Rain was in the forecast, but we were able to avoid that all together for Vienna's session. We traveled all around Akron Park for this session. A mix of open fields, forest and old buildings and Vienna totally nailed every part of it. She is really a natural, in fact, Kristina and I even agreed that if Vienna decided to dip her toes into the modeling industry that she could be very successful. She has a beautiful smile, (even though my jokes weren't exactly knee slappers). It was that kind of an evening, everything seemed to just go right. Well except when I had to run all the way across the park to grab my bag and then run all the way back to where we were shooting at the time. Whew! Okay almost everything went right :)  


As if her smile wasn't already good enough, Kristina and I were loving this piercing, mysterious look from Vienna that we kept seeing over and over again, as we were looking through the images from the session. What a natural! 

Vienna was so patient with this shot! It took a few tries and a bottle or two of glitter to nail this image, but it was totally worth it. 

Yep, we told ya. This is one of those captures that we saw and we just thought looked like an Abercrombie and Fitch ad. :) 

This may be my favorite image from this session. Again Vienna just killed it with that thoughtful smirk. I wonder what she was thinking about. Hope she wasn't looking forward to the end of the session :) 

This is probably my 2nd favorite image. Kristina found this idea and we just fell in love with it. Vienna was patient as we captured each individual image for the shot. 

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