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Hunter ~ Newborn photography

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Kara wanted pictures with her little Hunter outside in the worst way and I was certainly hoping for that we would be able to make it happen too, but the gray, overcast skies were certainly making me think twice about it. When we arrived at Kara's home I cautioned her about what could happen if we risked going outside, storms, rain, mud and worst of all a wet upset baby. She was not at all worried so we went ahead with the plans.

As great as Mommy Kara was her little man, Hunter, had an equally amazing attitude. We dressed him up in various different outfits, put him in different positions and he was a champion the whole time, in fact he even took on few raindrops without the cover of a tree and never cried once. Wow! Kara is such a great mom and she was terrific doing our newborn photography session. She even showcased her strength and endurance for us. (I have a nephew, and let me tell you holding that baby up there in the air gets tiring fast). She had plenty of wonderful ideas for outfits and poses, yet she was completely open to my suggestions as well. Her husband Brad is in the military as well as being a volunteer fire fighter, so we made that a major part of the session, but we also worked in plenty of adorable outfits for the little guy to show off as well (gotta say I love the first one) :)

Many of the new mothers I photograph decide NOT to be in the pictures, but I always try to convince them otherwise. So, to all the mothers out there: Trust me...after you see the finished product you will be very grateful to have those special moments captured between you and your newborn. It’s the little things like naptime, feeding, and those innocent darling little eyes that you will remember forever. Thanks to Kara and Hunter, her little soldier, for their gigantic roles in helping us totally knock this session out of the park!

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Mommy's Must have picture. LOVE that outfit. Great choice! 

Demeanor of a soldier. Go ahead take my picture. 

This newborn needs a nap. 

Love this face. How could you not? 

Adorable. Kara is just so wonderful with Hunter. Had to capture this special moment. 

Love that outfit. And the hat is just adorable! 

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