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Ashlee & Samuel ∼ Maternity Photography

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Ashlee had contacted me a while back, busyness took over and we didn't really connect until about a month or two later.  Boy it really is a small world.  Before our session started we found out the Ashlee and Samuel go to the same church as my wife and I, and Ashlee even works there.  Kristina and I had such a great time with them and ended up hanging out after our session for a quite a while and Samuel even made us these wonderfully delicious blueberry fruit smoothies. Oh...they were so refreshing, perfect after a steamy warm evening behind the camera.  Ashlee was such a sweetheart, soft spoken and generous with a very kind personality.  Samuel was just like his counterpart, very generous, kind hearted and just like Ashlee he smiled often.  In fact, they tended to laugh together and make each other smile quite a bit.  They genuinely enjoy spending time with each other, even more than that each of them was happy just to be in the company of the partner.  Kristina and I were very thankful and extremely blessed to not only photograph a wonderful couple, but to also make two new friends.  


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