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Mike & Jenna ∼ Engagement Session

Engagement Session at Greenfield Park

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I met Jenna about three years ago at the young adults group that I attended with my now wife.  She is  such a fun person to be around because she is always smiling and she has such an easygoing fun attitude, which is amazing considering she is also a wonderful mother.  Mike moved up to Florida a couple years ago and it has been great getting to know him as well.  Talk about a guy who can make you laugh.  Whether its his words or his actions, you're pretty much guaranteed to be laughing and have a good time when you're around Mike. 

When Kristina and I found out that Mike and Jenna were dating we were so excited and we knew that they would be a good fit for each other.  It is hard to believe that they will be getting married this Saturday.  Time sure does fly.  I was so overjoyed to be able to photograph their engagement session at Greenfield Park, PA. Their session was full of love, laughs and one hilarious piggy back ride, emphasis on the ride (you'll see what I mean).  Congratulations to the Crobs! Can't wait to see you guys at the wedding!

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