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Love the everyday Moments: Mondays Moment

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I'm sure that you will think im lagging behind the rest of this world when I tell you that I got excited about Instagram and jumped on board this weekend.  When I glanced over the pictures I had, I was taken aback at all the little moments that I had experienced just this weekend.  One of the reasons I am enamored with my Iphone is that it encourages me to record these everyday moments that previously I would not have been able to capture so quickly and effortlessly.  So I was saying I was looking at the pictures that I had uploaded to instagram and the coolest thing happened as I scrolled through the weekend's pictures; I began to relive those special everyday moments all over again!  So whatever camera you have get out there and capture those everyday moments so you can look back on them with a smile :)  If you want to see more of my stuff on Instagram you can follow me here (mcprophoto). Comment with your Instagram profile and I'll follow you back.

Everyday Moments on Instagram

Everyday Moments on Instagram

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