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Moments for Monday: Be Creative

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As kids we allow our imaginations to run wild, but as we grow older imagining and being creative becomes difficult for the vast majority of folks, including me.  I have decided that  I was going to put forth an effort to unleash all of that suppressed creativity.  The Image above is from my Honeymoon last year and that is what spurned me to try some think outside the box and be more creative.  I love the warm glow and the mystery in this photo of my beautiful wife.  So I decided to take that concept of mystery and the abstract even further to see what photographs I could create next. On a routine trip to the laundromat, which I and probably everyone else in the world consider to be quite boring, I pulled out my iphone and was able to capture a pretty cool abstract image of this row of washing machines with the help of Photoshop and Instagram I created the image you see here.

So on this Monday I'm going to challenge you to think like you did during your childhood.  Go ahead, be creative.  You never know what might come out of it.  

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