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As a photographer I spend a lot of my time searching for inspiration and looking at what other photographers do.  One of the best places that I've found online for inspiration is Pinterest.  If I'm not careful I could easily spend an hour hours on Pinterest pinning, commenting and repinning images that catch my eye.  It is so easy to see what other photographers are doing and create a board, as Pinterest calls it, full of photographs, in fact,  If you are not on Pinterest I'll warn you in advance it can be habit-forming.

I like to use Pinterest for a couple of reasons:

Screenshot of Moments Captured Pinterest Board

Screenshot of Moments Captured Pinterest Board

  1. To create boards with pictures of places I'd like to photograph
  2. To search for inspiration before an upcoming session
  3. Check out what other people are pinning
  4.  To find food I'd like to eat, or have my wife make (there are tons of food pics on Pinterest)

So if you're not on Pinterest you should go check it out, you're going to love it.  Go here to learn more-------➤ or here to create an account-------➤

If your already on Pinterest I'd like to know how you use it?  Is it as addicting for you as it is for me?  Leave the link to your page in the comments so I can follow you.  You can check out my page here


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